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Na krkonošské hřebeny má jaro dlouhou cestu


Of all the Czech mountains, the highest ones, a piece of giant mountains as well as the arctic tundra in…


Harsh region of forests and flowering basins alike. Bare peaks look down at valleys where streams flow towards the…

Jizerské hory

Sombre plateau in the north of Bohemia with rocks reflected in the dark waters of mountain fens. Generous precipita…


The realm of particoloured woods and walachian pastures, rambles in the woods while picking blueberries and full-gr…

Krušné hory

Meadows and deep woods, mainly in the western part of this region, lures to spend days full of sun, wind…


Poetic and mysterious land of woods in the history affected Czech-Bavarian borderland. The characteristic feature o…

This website is a joint project of The Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech republic and CzechTourism, the agency for tourism. Its aim is to promote tourism, the beauties of the Czech mountains, save physical activity in the mountain terrain, safety and consideration while engaging in outdoor sports as well as considerate behaviour towards nature and other visitors alike. It is focused on children and teens. The websites are continuously filled in and expanded.

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