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Yettie’s story

Who is Yettie and how did he come to our mountains?

Yettie comes from the family of Mr. Yetti, a famous snowman who lives in the Himalayas. You may know where the Himalayas are and if you don’t, just ask somebody. Yettie was born and raised there. After he got a little older, he decided that the Himalayas are beautiful but have too many sharp peaks to live in. “I don’t want to spend all my time just running up and down, fleeing from avalanches and listening to people saying that I don’t exist. I’m going to find somewhere more relaxed.”

One evening, as he usually did, he was sitting behind a huge rock near the camp under the Khumbu glacier, listening to tourists telling each other stories in their tents about the beautiful small mountains somewhere in the Czech Republic. “That’s it!” thought Yettie. “Those are the mountains for me!” he shouted like snowmen do and ran out of his hideaway. The tourists were dumbstruck and leapt out of their tents, but they couldn’t see anything. Yettie was already on his way to Europe.

He long walked about searching until he found the Czech Republic behind Slovakia. He immediately started to discover the beautiful small mountains. He started from the Beskydy Mountains and went on across the Jeseníky Mountains to the Orlické Mountains and the Krkonoše Mountains, then across the Jizerské Mountains to the Krušné Mountains and from there even further, up to the Šumava Mountains. Did he really think it was going to be a piece of cake? He did; he forgot his Himalayan schooling and did not heed the words of the spirits, gnomes and fairies who wander the Czech lands and advise people on what to do. So, he got into trouble.

In the Jeseníky Mountains he got lost in fog and almost fell into a cirque glacier. In the Krkonoše Mountains he came close to ending up in an avalanche. And he got so wet and cold in the Šumava Mountains that he had to call for help. Do you know how hard it was for him to show himself to people? Fortunately, men from the Mountain Rescue Service, the guardians of all hikers, heard him and there’s nothing that can surprise them. They have helped all sorts of people to get down from the mountains.

When they dried Yettie and warmed him up at the station, they scolded him for having behaved in such an irresponsible way. No map, no raincoat, no dry sweater! Yettie was ashamed. He admitted that Czech mountains are not to be fooled with, he promised to know better next time and he asked if he could help the Mountain Rescue Service. One trained person is better than ten know-it-alls, the men thought, and they shook hands to seal the deal.

Since that time Yettie has been wandering around the Czech, Moravian and Silesian mountains, checking tourist markings to see if they lead where they are supposed to, teaching children how to behave on hikes so that they do not hurt either themselves or nature and he selflessly takes part in rescue operations when someone has got lost or injured. Even when he’s not on duty, he doesn’t leave the mountains. He often stands behind a tree or a rock, watching if people are behaving in the way true mountaineers should.

What about the fact that he is hairy, unkempt and frightens people? You don’t have to be afraid of him, it’s just the way he looks. He’s a good person on the inside and he’s your friend. Just follow all of his advice and you will see eye to eye.

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