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Rules of the game Follow Yettie’s steps…

Get Yettie’s pass and start collecting stamps

Collect the stamps in Yettie’s traveller’s pass. You can get him for free at Yettie’s collection points or you can download and print him out. Then take your traveller’s pass, proper equipment, parents, grandparents or friends and set out for the mountains to look for Yettie’s stamping points.  When you reach a stamping point, ask for Yettie’s stamp for your pass. There can be only one stamp from every place in your pass.

  • The list of stamping and collection points will be released soon.

Exchange the stamps for badges

If you have 7 different stamps in your pass, you can get the reward you’ve earned – the original green Yettie badge. For 14 stamps you will get an orange badge, and for 21 stamps the highest, red badge. Use your pass to collect the green badge (for 7 stamps), the orange badge (for 14 stamps) or the red badge (for 21 stamps) at any of Yettie’s collection points. Wear your badge proudly! You will certainly meet other people following in Yettie’s footsteps in the mountains. The colour of their badge will tell you how hard-working and successful they’ve been.

Send your pass in for a drawing and win Yettie’s prizes

If you collect 21 different stamps from at least 3 different mountain ranges (you can find a list on the web), fill in the data in the pass, use it to collect the red badge at the collection point and hand the pass in at the same time. The collection point attendant will send the pass to Yettie, who will put it in a drawing for valuable prizes. The drawing will be held once a year. If you are not interested in the red badge, you don’t have to go to the collection point. Just fill in the pass and send it to the following address:

  • Horská služba ČR, o. p. s.
    Ekonomické centrum
    Za potokem 46/4
    106 00 Praha 10

Don’t forget

Each collection and stamping point has different opening hours which you will soon find on this website. Don’t forget the advice that Yettie gives you: Ensure you have all the necessary information before every trip to the mountains! Luck follows people who are prepared!

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